Legion Ministries & Fresh Start Ministries are both ranch style rehabilitation centers that offer a home to men that are coming back into everyday life after serving a jail/prison sentence, are recovering from prior addictions or individuals that simply need a fresh start on life. They are provided housing in a Christ-centered atmosphere and accountability through leaders within the ministry. Men from these two ministries are given the opportunity to learn the automotive trade after completing a probation period with their housing unit. This opportunity is provided by Damascus Road Restoration & Collision. Visit our websites Legion Ministries and Fresh Start Ministries

Women of Grace, although very similar to the ministries mentioned above, offers help specifically to women. While teaching and encouraging women to get back into the regular day-to-day, they also work with the women to help guide them in the role of “mother”. They too provide housing in a Christ-centered atmosphere.  Visit our website Women of Grace

Truth & Nails Tech Center has a different approach than the ministries listed above. They are not a residential type center but they work with both males and females. Their student ages have ranged from 12 to 62.  Students participate in all 3 programs of the center: The Sharing Program where they learn the truths of Jesus Christ through daily Bible study. The Training Program where they receive hands on instruction of various trade skills such as wood working, metal working, auto repair and basic home repair. The Helping Hands Program is where students get on the job training by using the trade skills they have learned while performing a project in the home or on the car of a citizen of the community. Visit our website Truth and Nails Technical Center